Silver Sealing Wax Sticks

Elevate your invitations, letters and even gifts with our sealing wax sticks in a range of gorgeous colours.

Our silver sealing wax sticks have a metallic finish which is ideal for adding an elegant touch to special occasion cards and invitations. Silver sealing wax looks perfect with envelopes in classic colours like black, white and navy. For a little galactic fun on special gifts, combine it with our Celestial wax seal stamp and deep coloured ribbon. 

Each packet contains enough wax to make between 25-40 seals, depending on the size of your wax seal stamp and how generously you pour.

  • Packet contains 5 sealing wax sticks
  • We recommend you use a melting spoon rather than heating directly over a flame  to avoid discolouration (especially with light coloured wax)

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